We can’t believe it is over so soon but Hill Valley breathed a sigh of sadness today as the town returned to its usual self. The Fair has been and gone, as have the thousands of visitors who arrived from across the state but wow, what a marvelLous Fair it was.

It is difficult to pinpoint what made this year’s Fair the greatest that has ever been. Perhaps it was the parade, hundreds of Hill Valley students and professionals marched proudly through the town. Or maybe it was the incredible animal stock displayed by Peabody farm, those sheep and chickens really did make the kids hoot with laughter. The rides were certainly popular, as those whose legs were tired could take to the sky on the ferris wheel or flying chairs. Or perhaps the contagious spirit of all the shop keepers as they showed off their wares and produce. The dancing was certainly a hit, as those who went for a drink soon found themselves jiving away to the newest tunes but what really made the Fair? We decided to ask the Mayor.

In an interview with the Hill Valley Telegraph, our Mayor disclosed what he believed was the Fair’s highlights. “There is no doubt about it, this year’s Hill Valley Fair was the greatest ever. The Hill Valley Fair has always been a spectacular event but what really made it special this year was that everyone was involved. Whether you were a local or from a completely different place, you embraced Hill Valley, everyone was part of our special town. I also thought the food was particularly good this year, Lou’s Café improves with every bite I take.”

We at the HVT are looking forward to the Hill Valley Fair 1956, only a year to wait!

What made your Fair special? Write in and tell us about your experiences.


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