It’s been a few weeks of curious weather here in Hill Valley and despite the recent sun spells which have brightened up everyone’s day, businesses are still taking last minutes precautions to waterproof everything in time for the fair. Local residents have been advised to dress accordingly for the festivities, which judging by this weather might mean anything from a sun hat to a rain mac! We’d recommend both. There are benefits to this peculiar behaviour though, first and foremost the likelihood of creating a most magnificent rainbow just in time for the fair. And that’s not all, despite a few soggy burgers at Lou’s, local farmers are thrilled at the recent wet weather after a prolonged dry spell threatened to ruin crops. Otis Peabody has stated that “a bit of rain never hurt no one. And my carrots are happy as Larry.” But Hill Valley High student Loretta Morrison, 18, was less than pleased. As she entered the Elite Beauty Salon we heard her mutter “I’m going to have to go to the Enchantment-Under-the-Sea dance as a mermaid unless these clouds scoot off!” Scientist Dr. Emmett Brown could not explain the dramatic change in weather either. He added: “Strange things are afoot in Hill Valley. In fact…” Unfortunately this reporter cannot bring you the rest of the professor’s comments as he suddenly hurried off. Mayor Red Thomas has advised residents to wrap up warm and not to worry.

What are your views on the weather? Contact me, Rosemarie Lewis, your Hill Valley weather reporter on 274571!


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