The ladies of Elite Salon are experts when it comes to picking the perfect colour for your pout. Whether your dress is navy, orange or pink a quick trip to the salon will wash all your lip-chewing worries away. They know there’s a special shade for you, whatever the weather, whether you’re heading over to the Enchantment-Under-the-Sea dance, or simply clocking in at work. Here at the Telegraph we’ve put in some all important research to help you feel your very best, read on for a few helpful hints and tips to look your best for the special night.

A sweet mouth with full, ripe lips is the perfect prom accessory. Go for a beautiful bright shade, modern lipsticks are available in a wide range of colours and Hill Valley Stores carries lines such as Maybelline and Avon, the brands used by the stars of stage and screen.

To effect a flattering plumpness, separate your upper and lower lips, moisten a cotton applicator with a touch of powder foundation and apply at corners of your mouth, working inwards.

Don’t panic if you’ve left it too late to practice; the ladies of Elite Salon at Hill Valley Stores will be happy to step in with their impressive expertise. To enjoy the most up to date trends make your appointment now! Hill Valley Stores 59 Hackney Stores… London, California E2 7NX

Kelly Hughley


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