Prom is an important part of our high school life and it is also educational. For many young men it is the first time they ask a girl on a date. This can be a very overwhelming concept and instead of biting the bullet and asking the girl they have fancied throughout the whole of high school to the dance, the young man in question either avoids prom altogether or has to watch an awful jock dance the night away with his lady.

We at the Hill Valley Telegraph decided it was important to give a helping hand. So here it is:
1.  Try and make sure the girl of your dreams is alone when you ask her to prom. Maybe wait till she is by her locker in between class (this also means you can make a quick escape if it goes wrong).
2.  Stride up to her, it is okay to seem a little nervous but girls are attracted to confidence so make sure your walk oozes self-belief.
3.  Smile.
4.  Don’t beat around the bush. Instead of saying ‘do you want to dance for a bit at the prom’ say ‘would you like to go to prom with me?’
5.  The ideal conversation should go: ‘Hey, how are you? I was just wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me?’ ideally she will then reply: “sure, I would love to’.
6.  Good luck and remember even if she says no you won’t have lost anything. Keep your head high and smile.


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