Dot Hempel made the Hill Valley Telegraph Headlines a couple of months ago when she saved a nest of ducklings from a predator. An aggressive fox had already gobbled the young ducklings’ mother and was preparing to wolf down the four remaning chicks. Dot Hempel leapt to the rescue, broom in hand, scaring off the fox and saving the orphaned ducklings.

For the last two months Dot has been looking after her brood. Feeding them, keeping them warm and teaching them how to swim and fend for themselves. This morning was a bittersweet occasion as she released the ducklings she had grown to love back into the wild.

“I always knew it was going to be difficult,” Dot told the HVT wildlife reporter. “When you spend so much time with these animals, you grow to love them. I will particularly miss Hoppit (Mrs. Hempel named each duckling). Every morning when I came to the barn Hoppit was waiting for me, chatting away. It was the right thing to do though, to release them. They’ll have a beautiful life and they will be free. They are now able to fly, so let’s hope that if Mr. Fox strikes again they will simply take to the air.”

Well Done Dot Hempel.


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