It’s that time again, as the graduating students of Hill Valley High School pick out their prettiest dresses and iron their smartest shirts for senior prom. This year’s theme is Enchantment-Under-The-Sea, but that doesn’t mean you should turn up in a bathing suit and cap. Here at Ruth’s Frock Shop we know finding the perfect pair of earrings or bow-tie can leave you in a bit of a bind, so we suggest heading down to the grand re-opening of Hill Valley Store for the best outfit options in town. Check back to ‘The Department of Social Services noticeboard’ for more information on store opening times.

Read on for Ruth’s failsafe fashion advice:

  • Forget corsages, the must-wear prom accessory for all you 1955 school leavers is the watch. Whether you’re swinging yours out of a jacket pocket or polishing it up to wear on your wrist, everybody in the know will be rocking around the clock on Saturday night.
  • It’s hot in Hill Valley, so why not show off your sunniest side in a yellow dress? If yellow’s not your thing, match yourself to the fruit punch and go for something peachy
  • Don’t get in a sweat if you’re wearing a hand-me-down gown, just dress it up with some bright earrings. Embellished flowers can work on your handbag too, just make sure you’re not too weighed down with gems to jitterbug!
  • Whether you’re subterranean or a total square, don’t let a hair fall out of place. Slick on a good dose of Vaseline hair tonic to keep everything in order, or better yet, book yourself in at Hill Valley’s own Elite Salons. Just be warned, we’ve heard one flick of a cigarette and you’ll end up the wrong kind of flaming hot.

VISIT RUTH’S FROCK SHOP IN HILL VALLEY STORES for great frocks and loads more advice!


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