Marvin Berry and the Starlighters, pictured above, will be heading to Hill Valley High School next Saturday for the Enchantment-Under-the-Sea dance, singing their much loved hit “Earth Angel”. The Starlighters, famed for their doo-wop harmonies and pleasant onstage presence were approved by Principle Strickland who claims to be relieved the prom committee have steered clear of booking one of the more provocative musical groups doing the circuit at the moment. The absence of “girating devil worshippers” as Strickland refers to the surge of Rock’n’Roll bands heading the charts, “is just what we need to maintain within the youth culture of Hill Valley to ensure we don’t let it become a town of no-good slackers and punks”. His strong sentiments may be lost on some, according to local record storeowner Roy Ritchie, who claims kids have been going ape for the new R’n’B and Rock’n’Roll sides in stock ever since Bill Haley’s hit “Rock Around the Clock” topped the Billboard Magazine Pop Charts.

What’s more, Marvin Berry and his group have been causing quite a stir in Hill Valley over the past month for their connection to Marvin’s brother, artist Chuck Berry, who has just landed a contract with Chess Records. His up-tempo new tune, Maybelline, has been whipping young music fans into quite the frenzy. Concerns have cropped up over the rampant roll of rebellious music from other new young fireballs such as Louisiana Hayride star, Elvis Presley. The singer, along with aforementioned Haley, is purportedly who all the cool cats of Hill Valley are getting cranked up about. The uninhibited nature of this new genre sweeping the country is, according to some, an assault on real American values, but it looks as if these swinging Joe’s can’t be stopped! Regardless, Strickland says he is supremely confident in his assurance that the dance will go off without a hitch, and run smooth as ever with no unruly mishaps. And no mention of “Rock ‘n Roll” whatsoever.

Are any of you seniors out there suffering from a case of two left feet? Don’t resign yourself to being a lonely wallflower just yet. Rumor has it secret dancing lessons will be taking place at an undisclosed location in Hill Valley. So don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to brush up on your jumping and jiving.


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